On Anxiety Again

Overwhelming responses I’ve received from my last blog articles on anxiety made me re-think about how we can deal with this annoying, consuming, and persistent issue. It seems as if nobody is immune to anxiety lately. How can we be OK in the midst of ever chaotic political sceneries, financial uncertainties, stories of war after war, potential nuclear attacks, GMOs, toxic dumps, vaccine scares, etc.  Fortunately, I think I’ve found an effective way to deal with our inner demons in a much more constructive manner — to strengthen not only our mind, but our body and spirit.

anxietyAnxiety, depression, irritability, self-doubt, or desolateness do not easily go away with drug therapies, acupuncture treatments, or talking to therapists. All of these should help, but the most powerful tool we can rely on is our own inner strength. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a super simple, easy, and relaxed method called Bruno Groening healing program in dealing with my own inner conflicts. The results have been outstanding.

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