Qi Face Washing Exercise

The Qi Face Washing Exercise is designed to stimulate blood circulation throughout our face, unblock stagnations, and remove toxin build-ups. This exercise will tone the entire facial muscle groups, clear the complexion, and prevent wrinkles.  

First, wash your face and hands clean. Apply some amount of facial lotion, cream, or oil on the face and hands. Then place the palms together and rub them briskly. The suggested number of times of rubbing is 36 back and forth movements. You will feel heat in your palms as Qi develops between the palms.

qifacewashing2Next, place both hands with fingers along side your nose. Move your hands upward (fingers gently pressing on the face), pass the eyes and forehead, to the frontal hairline. Once you reach the hairline, move downward all the way to the chin. Your thumbs will actually pass over your ears. Again, begin at the chin and move along side the nose, over the eyes to forehead, and move downward to the chin. Do this sweeping motion lightly across the face 36 times. Make sure you touch the whole face when you move up and down on the face.

I was told that to see a real impact, you’ve got to do it 36 days in a row (Number 9 carries a special meaning in Taoism, therefore 36 which is 9 times 4 is recommended), although I still do not understand deeper meanings of number 36.

I’ve tried this exercise myself, and it took about 5 minutes all together. Not too bad for a free anti-aging skin care.




Our Face Reflect Every Single Organ of Our Body

All parts of our bodies are important, but there’s no doubt that our face is the most important feature of our sense of “self.” In acupuncture theories, meridians of the six “hollow–meaning it’s empty inside” organs go through our faces: stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, gallbladder, and triple heater. In addition, two central meridians, Governing vessel and Conception vessel, show on the face.


Furthermore, all of our “solid” organs are internally-externally connected and reflected on our faces. These include: the kidneys, the liver, the heart, the lungs, and the spleen. Therefore, all of our solid and hollow organs, and two central meridians are being reflected on our faces. That’s why taking care of our face will not only enhance facial appearances, but can improve all of our internal organs’ functions.  


Energize Your Face with Qi

Over the years, I’ve treated many patients with facial acupuncture. Sure, facial acupuncture is very effective in restoring youthful appearance, reducing deep wrinkles, and tightening the jowl lines. But the cost and time is usually out of reach for the majority of people. A few months ago, an acupuncturist friend in California introduced me to the Qi Face Washing Exercise. Allegedly, this exercise is an ancient secret used by Taoist monks and warriors in keeping their youth.

qifacewashingIt’s simple and easy to do, costs nothing, and the results are quite impressive. Not only it enhances one’s facial appearance, it can reduce chronic headaches, resolve dry eye issues, and regulate of hormonal imbalance. If you are interested in an easy and free method in making your face look younger and healthier, there’s no reason not to try this Qi Facial Washing Exercise.


Symptoms Alleviated by Aluminum Foil

  • pains in the spine, neck, arms, knees, feet, joints
  • muscular pains
  • postoperative pains
  • burns
  • phantom pain

For muscle pain, apply the aluminium foil on the sore spot and fasten it with a bandage or a medical tape. Leave it for the entire day or overnight.   

For joint pain such as elbows, knees, legs or fingers, you can wrap the foil around the area of pain and fasten it with a medical tape. Again leave it for the entire day or overnight.

foil4Use the same procedure for post-surgical pain, burns, or phantom pain. Apply the therapy for 10 to 12 days and then take a one to two week break. If the ailments persist, you may repeat the therapy. For extensive burns or postoperative pain, use 5-7 layers of foil, with a paper or cotton cloth between every layer. Keep it on for an hour, remove them and place them after 2 hours. Repeat the procedure a few times a day until you notice an improvement.

All of my patients asked which side of foil they have to use. The answer is both shiny and matte sides would work equally well.

Aluminum foil may or may not eliminate pain sensations totally, but since this therapy costs practically nothing and so little efforts, it can be a welcome tool to many people.








How Does Aluminum Foil Reduce Pain?

According to a Russian scientist A.V. Skvorcov, aluminum foil’s unique energy-magnifying properties makes healing possible. He said that all pain symptoms occur due to distorted energy pattern between human cells and Earth’s energy field. Since the surface of the foil can amplify Earth’s energy field dramatically, placing the foil directly on the area of pain will negate the disturbed energy patterns.

foil5From a Chinese medical point of view, his claims make a lot of sense in that all pain syndromes (as well as all diseases) are caused by blockage or stagnation of energy (Qi) flow in the body. Since the foil’s surface can draw upon huge amount Qi from the air, applying the foil directly on the sore spots will result in abundant flow of Qi. Once Qi flows, blood flows in automatically, then pain sensations can be reduced, if not totally eliminated.

In many ways, tin foil can work just like acupuncture needles. In Japanese-style acupuncture, foil has been used widely in treating burns, scars, and bone-pains. Typically, some sort of electric stimulation gadgets are attached to the foil to increase the Qi conductivity.


Aluminum Foil for Pain Relief

Years ago when I was attending a Chinese medical school, a noted medical scholar from China proclaimed that aluminum foil often produce amazing results in treating pain syndromes, from lower back pain to a gout pain on the toes. I’ve completely forgot about it until few weeks ago when a patient asked whether there’s anything she could do at home in relieving a horrendous elbow pain. I told her to cover the elbow with foil. She reported that pain was reduced significantly after three days. Very much intrigued, I urged a patient with ear pain to cover the painful area with foil. Again, the results were impressive. Although tin foil doesn’t get rid of pain totally, it sure looks like a wonderful tool in dealing with all kinds of pain, from head to toe.

foil therapy


How to Do Long Breathing Exercises

Basically, you need to inhale through the nose for three seconds, and then exhale aggressively through the mouth for seven seconds, while using the whole body to push out all the air. The two ways proposed by Miki Ryosuke are:

  1. Place one foot in front of your body while placing 90% of your body weight on your back foot. Once you’re in position, breath in for 3 seconds while lifting your arms above your head. Then exhale forcefully to release all the air while contracting all the muscles of your body for 7 seconds, while lowering your arms to your sides.
  2. The second method requires you to stand up straight and tighten the buttocks. Place one hand on your abdomen and another on your lower back. Breath in for 3 seconds, then exhale for 7 seconds while contracting the lower abdomen as strongly as your can.

He proposed 2-10 minutes of these exercises twice a day. Even though his youtube demonstration is only in Japanese, it’s not difficult to understand what he’s trying to say.

The above postures are good for those who suffer from lower back pain. An alternative way to do breathing exercises is that you can stand straight with your legs apart about a hip distance with your knees slightly bent. Inhale for three seconds with your nose, pause for two seconds, then exhale through the mouth forcefully (yes, you can make all kinds of strange sounds). After all the air is completely emptied out, squeeze your core by contracting the muscles around the anus powerfully. The squeezing process can last for 5-7 seconds (personal note: I count from one to 20 while squeezing).

You can incorporate the upper and lower body toning with breathing exercises. For the upper body, while you are squeezing the core, flex your arms to tone the deltoids, or stretch your arms backward to strengthen the triceps while making a fist. If you have chronic shoulder pain, raise both shoulders to the ears, then push the shoulders back while contracting the front and back of the upper arms. You can also strengthen the thigh muscles by leaning onto one leg for few seconds, then change to another leg. As you practice, you will naturally know which area of your body needs stretching, flexing, or squeezing, whether it is your neck, your sides, your shoulder, or your ankles.

Long exhalation by emptying out all the air may be the smartest and most effective way of detoxing our bodies. Your lungs become clear, your blood vessels are filled with fresh oxygen, and our metabolism will increase. When you squeeze the core, your spine naturally becomes straight, your small and large intestines are massaged, and toxins stuck in between the muscles and the organs are being pushed out. You can do these breathing exercises while driving, sitting in offices, or standing in a line at grocery stores. No one will notice what you’re doing (unless you make strange exhalation sounds) while you are burning away unnecessary fat and toning your muscles.

A patient who followed this exercise regimen reported that she lost 5 pounds and two inches around the waist in a week, with no diet change. I am extremely interested in hearing some real experience-based stories. if you are really serious of weight loss, please call the office so that we can set up an effective strategy.