Qi Face Washing Exercise

The Qi Face Washing Exercise is designed to stimulate blood circulation throughout our face, unblock stagnations, and remove toxin build-ups. This exercise will tone the entire facial muscle groups, clear the complexion, and prevent wrinkles.  

First, wash your face and hands clean. Apply some amount of facial lotion, cream, or oil on the face and hands. Then place the palms together and rub them briskly. The suggested number of times of rubbing is 36 back and forth movements. You will feel heat in your palms as Qi develops between the palms.

qifacewashing2Next, place both hands with fingers along side your nose. Move your hands upward (fingers gently pressing on the face), pass the eyes and forehead, to the frontal hairline. Once you reach the hairline, move downward all the way to the chin. Your thumbs will actually pass over your ears. Again, begin at the chin and move along side the nose, over the eyes to forehead, and move downward to the chin. Do this sweeping motion lightly across the face 36 times. Make sure you touch the whole face when you move up and down on the face.

I was told that to see a real impact, you’ve got to do it 36 days in a row (Number 9 carries a special meaning in Taoism, therefore 36 which is 9 times 4 is recommended), although I still do not understand deeper meanings of number 36.

I’ve tried this exercise myself, and it took about 5 minutes all together. Not too bad for a free anti-aging skin care.