My Personal Experiences & Who Needs Detox?

For the past five years, I’ve done this program every spring. Somehow, I’ve felt that it was exceptionally difficult this year. This time around, I embarked on this program immediately after an overseas trip, and I was fighting a massive flu simultaneously. Regardless, I stood strong on my resolve and carried through 21 days.

Highlights of my experiences were:

  • Day 2: Massive headaches, nausea, body aches, eye pains (all of these are herxheimer reactions when the body is dumping toxins)
  • Day 3-7: Excessive sleepiness, dry mouth, skin eruptions.
  • Day 8-10: Sugar cravings, especially for carbohydrates.
  • Day 11-21: Increased bowel movements, increased urination, do not feel hungry, aversion to all forms of sugar including sweet fruits.

Benefits I’ve Experienced


  • weight gainExcellent lipid panel: My cholesterol level went down to 130 mg/dL from 200 mg/dL (I did blood work right before and after the program)
  • Weight loss especially around the midsection (I lost only 4 lbs as I am kind of under-weight; most people lose 7-15 lbs)
  • Clearer skin and a far less hair loss
  • No sugar cravings
  • No more bloating and gas
  • Better sleep
  • Much higher energy
  • Most importantly, emotional stability and positive attitudes


Who Needs Detoxification?

fatty-liverI can say with conviction that everyone needs to detoxify their body regularly as we all are continuously exposed to external and internal toxins. This program will be extremely helpful for those who have: blood pressure issues, fatty liver, kidney malfunctions, frequent urinary tract infections, food and environmental allergies, digestive issues including ulcer or irritable bowels, hormonal disorders, anxiety and moodiness, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and sleep disorders. Well, I think that covers pretty much everyone.