How to Stop Leg Cramps(Lighter Version)

Most leg cramps respond to gentle massaging and stretching. However, since different people may be relieved in different ways, you have to try and find out what works best for your muscle cramps. For calf cramps, you can try as below:

  1. Immediately stand on the legs, lean forward gently to stretch the contracted muscle, hold on until the cramp goes away.
  2. Sit up, straighten the leg and flex the foot. This can be helped by placing a rolled towel under the ball of the foot, hold the towel at both ends, and gently pull the leg cramps 4towel toward the head while keeping the knee straight. Hold in this position until the cramp is gone completely.




3. If you can find someone to help, then sit down and straighten the leg, let the helper hold the foot, raise the leg and flex the foot gently toward you. Remember to keep the knee straight.

4.When leg cramps happen during swimming, try to remain calm, hold the toes and raise them toward the chin. Pinch or bit the upper lip can help calm down if necessary.

5.Walk around or jiggle the legs.

6. Rub around the affected muscles.