How Does Aluminum Foil Reduce Pain?

According to a Russian scientist A.V. Skvorcov, aluminum foil’s unique energy-magnifying properties makes healing possible. He said that all pain symptoms occur due to distorted energy pattern between human cells and Earth’s energy field. Since the surface of the foil can amplify Earth’s energy field dramatically, placing the foil directly on the area of pain will negate the disturbed energy patterns.

foil5From a Chinese medical point of view, his claims make a lot of sense in that all pain syndromes (as well as all diseases) are caused by blockage or stagnation of energy (Qi) flow in the body. Since the foil’s surface can draw upon huge amount Qi from the air, applying the foil directly on the sore spots will result in abundant flow of Qi. Once Qi flows, blood flows in automatically, then pain sensations can be reduced, if not totally eliminated.

In many ways, tin foil can work just like acupuncture needles. In Japanese-style acupuncture, foil has been used widely in treating burns, scars, and bone-pains. Typically, some sort of electric stimulation gadgets are attached to the foil to increase the Qi conductivity.

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  1. This is very interesting in light of your earlier posts about Bruno Groening. He used to make aluminium foil balls that he had distributed to people who were unable to see him in person. He claimed that he charged them with the heilstrom and when people held the ball in their hand, they felt the heilstrom flowing into them. I’d always wondered why he chose aluminium as the medium to conduct the healing energy. The content of this post makes me wonder if he intuitively knew of the conducting properties of aluminium. 😊

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