Fight Food Addiction With a Total Nutrition Program

What does it mean to listen to your body, as the expression goes? What if your body is telling you to eat chocolate bars for breakfast, or that fast food makes for an acceptable and tasty dinner?

When your mind and body enjoy relative good health, the body’s cravings should prove more reliable in discerning which foods to take in for maximum nutrition.

Unfortunately, in most cases, our bodies are not nearly healthy or balanced we would like to see. In a state of chaos when multiple organs do not function in a cohesive manner, our bodies produce “distorted” messages regarding what food we would love to have.

food addiction

Often times, this results in addictive eating patterns (for sugar, salt, fat, carbo, etc.) which tend to induce weight gains, low metabolism, blood pressure issues, and/or blood contamination.

Nutrition Response Testing offered at our office is designed to discover the most “diseased” organs or meridians to address food addiction issues.  This program also identifies food items that cause the greatest harm in one’s body.

Diet changes based on testing results often produce fantastic results in resolving not only food cravings but other symptoms such as skin irritations, asthma, and a myriad of digestive issues.

food addiction2

The issues of overeating and low metabolism are addressed with powerful nutrition support.  Just eliminating a few food items and ingesting nutritional support (for instance, supplying more enzymes in one’s body) often produce  dramatic results in reducing food cravings and a surge of energy.

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